Dario Ricci Chronicles Part 1: Intorducing Dario Ricci

Authors Note: Manager details, biography and history are fiction and have been put together purely for the purpose of this blog to give it an authentic feel.

So here it is. 17th August 2020. A change is happening within the club of Roma. Paulo Fonseca has been sacked after just one season as manager of Roma as a result of not securing a champions league spot. Will this be the fate of the new manager or will the new manager lift the club to where it wants to be.

In comes the man below. Could he be the saviour of Roma? Or will his first job in club management end sooner than he wants?

Dario Ricci, 38 years old former professional footballer. He spent his footballing career entirely in Italy having played his best footballing years for Roma. Ricci then stepped away from football for a few years, but is now back in football taking on the massive test of helping to take Roma back to the top of Serie A and hopefully in Europe also.

Roma have had a sub par couple of years of late with a gradual decline since the 2016/17 Serie A season finishing 2nd that season but then following that up with a 3rd, 6th and then 5th place finish leaving them in the Europa League rather than the UEFA Champions League which is where the club really wants to be. Roma are a club with a rich history but haven’t seen silverware since their last Italian Cup win in 2008.

Ricci has been given the difficult task of adding to this impressive trophy cabinet. But has been handed some interesting demands in taking on the role. According to sources close to the Roma board, the board has asked that Ricci look to sign players under the age of 23 for the first team and not sign any players over the age of 29 and look to use the clubs youth system to develop players look to make profits through player sales. could this prove to make Ricci’s task impossible or will he ba able to find the right balance and still bring silverware to the club. From what has been leaked the club are not expecting Serie A championship within the first few seasons but expect Champions League qualification and hopefully an Italian Cup final appearance.

A positive start to the season will be the most important thing on Ricci’s mind at the moment. But first a strong showing in preseason…

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