Dario Ricci Chronicles Part 3: Off to a good start

25th October 2020 Well it hasn’t taken Dario Ricci long to get into his stride as a manager. He currently has Roma second in the Serie A only by goal difference to Atalanta after 5 matches with 4 wins and a loss, with the loss being a 4-0 defeat to current league leaders Atalanta inContinue reading “Dario Ricci Chronicles Part 3: Off to a good start”

Dario Ricci Chronicles Part 2: A strong pre-season

The 2020/21 pre-season could probably have only gone slightly better. 6 wins from 7 matches is a pretty good first pre-season for the new Roma manager. Dario Ricci led his side to wins over Serie A sides Benevento, Sampdoria and Napoli and convincing victories over 2 lower league european sides, however feel to a 1-0Continue reading “Dario Ricci Chronicles Part 2: A strong pre-season”